Annotated Outline

Create a 2-5 page annotated outline that includes the sections to be analyzed, ethical decision making aspects of the topic, main points of the recommendation, and credible evidence you plan to use for supporting the analysis and recommendations.


While everyone has their own process for writing, creating an outline is often an important early step in the process in all types of writing, even for the most seasoned writers. By creating an outline, you draft a plan that organizes your thoughts, helps you see gaps in your thought process, and enables you to decide where in your paper you will address particular issues.

An annotated outline is a document that organizes the main sections to be included in your paper. The annotations are based on thinking through your approach to the paper and developing enough detail that anyone who reads the outline can follow your thought process.

The purpose of this assessment is as follows:

  • To build an annotated outline that shows the key sections of your analysis, the ethical considerations, and the leadership and collaboration aspects that you intend to include in your capstone project. With this outline, faculty can understand the organization and purpose of your paper; upon approval, you may move forward to writing the capstone project (Assessment 4).
  • To help you manage your work because you will need to start researching now (if you have not already) in order to create your annotated outline.
  • To demonstrate that you know how to cite in APA format by including some quotations or paraphrases from researched sources. The sources you include in the outline may or may not be used in your actual paper.
  • To demonstrate your ability to create a well-organized document, suitable for academic or business, that meets established criteria.

Assessment Description

For this assessment, create an annotated outline that provides a framework of your capstone project. Begin by reviewing the MBA Capstone Project Description [PDF]. Your annotated outline must state the name of your chosen organization and must include the following items:

  • Identify the main sections to be developed in the paper and tie them to the project objectives.
    • In your key sections, you should use at least four main headings; these sections make up the body of your outline.
    • Each heading must have at least two sub-points to develop the detail required.
    • Include a description of each major point.
  • Identify where each supporting reference will be integrated.
    • Include at least one reference to support each major point of the paper.
    • Incorporate relevant quotes or paraphrases from a source that you might use for support, with an APA in-text citation.
  • Identify main points that address ethical aspects associated with your chosen business.
    • Ethical considerations/aspects should also be one of the headings of your outline.
    • Use the program outcomes to help determine the areas of ethics that you might want to cover.
    • Include at least one reference to elaborate on how you intend to cover ethics in your project.
  • Identify main points that address leadership and collaboration aspects associated with your chosen business.
    • Leadership and collaboration considerations/aspects should also be one of the headings of your outline.
    • Review the program outcomes to determine the areas of leadership and collaboration that you should consider.
    • Include at least one reference to elaborate on how you intend to cover leadership and collaboration in your project.
  • Identify main points of your recommendations. Your recommendations should also be one of the headings of your outline.
    • Identify credible evidence to support an analysis.
    • For the evidence you provide, include key points to clarify why it matters and how it will inform the analysis.

Your annotated outline should have these sections:

  • An executive summary.
  • An introduction.
  • The body of your outline should be comprised of at least four main headings with additional subheadings and points. (Never use the word “Body” as a heading or subheading.)
  • A conclusion.
  • References. Use APA style and formatting for all the sources you use in the annotated outline.

Submission Requirements

  • Style: This outline should be written in academic format; refer to the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines. It should be double spaced, use subheadings, and be well organized and well written.
  • Communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and quality.
  • APA guidelines: Format your paper according to current APA style and formatting.
  • Resources: Use at least four resources from credible resources.
  • Length: Your outline should be 2–5 pages.
  • Font and font size: Use 12 point, Times New Roman.
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