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Submit a final individual; legal, medical, or ethics case study based on your selection to work in a group in Module 7. Use the basic facts from the episode Needle in a Haystack as a guide to complete this assignment.

Choose Medical, Legal, or Ethical to complete this final case study based on the following fact pattern:

Mr. Lippa, Stevie’s father, believes that his son was mistreated at the hospital, so he hires an attorney and sues the hospital for negligence and malpractice in the care and treatment of his son, Stevie because he believes the hospital did not honor his (Mr. Lippa’s ) wishes regarding treatment. He also claims that Dr. Foreman discriminated against his family and sues Dr. Foreman individually for discrimination.

Meanwhile, Dr. X, a surgeon at the hospital who saw Dr. Foreman discussing the consent to treat forms with the Lippa family, feels uncomfortable with Dr. Foreman’s “tone” and alerts the Hospital’s Ethics Board, which begins an investigation as to whether Dr. Foreman acted within Standard Operating Procedures when speaking with the family about Stevie’s care.

See So you Want to Make a Case out of It.

This file will be opened in a new window. You will see the appropriate template to complete for your case study. The templates are generic outlines of what should be included in specific “case” studies. If you follow these forms step by step and complete the information requested, it will help you to formulate your ideas and arguments for your final papers and also your group project.

When writing your final project, if you use this template as a guide, you will be certain to cover all bases.

The writing you submit must meet the following requirements:

  • Write 500–750 word response.
  • Provide the reference where you obtained the current event article, the author, and the published date using MLA style.
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