Applied Sciences homework help

This discussion will cover several questions that need to be answered. It will also require cites to be sourced in MLA format. The link to the book for reading and referencing will be provided. Below gives more guidance on the discussion requirements:

Discussion Requirements

  • Complete the background reading before participating in a class discussion; your classmates and I can tell if you are not prepared and are just providing fluff
  • Your first post is a response¬† (original post) is an open-ended question (results in a short answer)- I require all questions answered with MLA citation format (Miller, p29), to be complete (specific language/terminology that logically and critically contributes to the discussion), supported by credible sources (Miller must be one, academic/peer review (edu/org/gov) sources must be relied on as primary authorities, commercial sources (.com) are secondary, persuasive – not as reliable or credible – can only be used to share an example). Zero points even if you write an excellent post if you rely on your own understanding, Wikipedia, commercial sites only, blogs, or other rumor mills).
  • Your subsequent posts must be in RESPONSE to classmates’ posts – make sure the responses are more than “you agree or disagree” – evidence of collegiate discussion includes detailed, specific responses supported by cited references (see the previous standard) – a minimum of two responses (your choice: you can respond to one classmate twice or spread your love and chat with other classmates).
  • You are expected to proofread and provide professional writing – grammar and spelling counts. Do not use text shorthand.
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