Applied Sciences homework help

  1. Research Paper Outline/Instructions
    Title/Cover Page

    • Must be APA 7 compliant
    • Part A: Introduction Paragraph
    • Introduce your research problem and end with your thesis statement
    • Part B: Literature Review
    • Introduce your literature review using the 6-steps
    • Select 3 articles for the review
    • Objective summary #1
    • Transition + Objective summary #2
    • Transition + Objective summary #3
    • Each article review should include following components – study purpose, methods – research design, data collection methods, study instrument, characteristics and location of the participants and results
    • Summarize by comparing and contrasting methodologies, findings, and solutions to each research article
    • Part C: Discussion
    • Summarize your news article: the problem, location, and populations affected by the problem.
    • What do you think should be done to fix this problem and why? (Refer to recommendations in research in literature review, when necessary.)
    1. Find a company/organization/policy that is doing a good job trying to solve this problem (this could be from another state or even country where populations are comparable).
    • Provide evidence that the company/organization/policy has made an impact toward mitigating the problem.
    1. Use that company/organization/program as a basis for your recommendation.
    • Connect this recommendation to the research problem. How do you see it working toward finding a solution to the problem? For example, if Apple is doing really well tackling a problem that Google is challenged with, you could suggest to Google to adopt a strategy used by Apple.
    • Part D: Conclusion
    • Summarize your paper
    • References
    • Must be APA 7 compliant
    • Ensure:
    • All in-text citations are listed on the references page
    • All sources listed on the references page is also cited in-text
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