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Two assignments I need help STUDYING FOR


Two assignments I need help with for studying


Lobbying is a basic constitutional right found in the 1st Amendment. Thousands of interest groups lobby in Washington and in Sacramento every single day. These groups are all pursuing government decisions in their interest or for purposes they deem to be noble and worthwhile. Donald Trump campaigned in 2016 and again in 2020 calling these groups and their lobbyists out as the “swamp.” Why is the interest group system so unpopular with the American people? Be specific.





For this project, you will be researching a genetic disease and developing an informational presentation about this disease. This assignment is asking you to synthesize your knowledge about cells, reproduction, DNA, and genetics. You will apply this information to a genetic disease to evaluate how the disease and treatments function. Then, you will review potential up-and-coming treatments for the disease.

Step 1: choose a disease

Choose one of the following genetic diseases to research for your project:

· Achondroplasia

· Breast cancer

· Cystic fibrosis

· Duchenne muscular dystrophy

· Familial hypercholesterolemia

· Fragile X Syndrome

· Hemophilia

· Huntington’s disease

· Klinefelter syndrome

· Marfan syndrome

· Osteogenesis imperfecta

· Phenylketonuria

· Retinitis pigmentosa

· Sickle cell disease

· Tay-Sachs disease

· Turner syndrome

· Parkinson’s disease

CHECK OUT WEBSITE to help make your decision. You can also use this website as one of your references!

Step 2: understanding the disease

Your project must address all the following topics to be considered for full credit:

1. Background of disease: include the name of the disease, any alternate names used, provide a description of the disease, and the typical age of onset.

2. Type of genetic disorder: explain if and how this disorder is inherited. Explain the genetic causes of the disease. Is it inherited? Is the disease a dominant or recessive trait? Which chromosome is affected in this disease? Is a gene mutated? If so, which gene is affected? How is gene expression impacted (is it a particular type of mutation, a case of a misshapen protein, etc.?)?

3. Image/Graphic: Use at least two different images to help the audience understand the cause and/or inheritance pattern of the disease you chose. The two images should not convey the exact same information about the disease.

o Ideas of images to use include: karyotypes, pedigrees, DNA sequences, etc.

o Additional images may be pictures of the actual condition, but images of the condition will not count toward your 2 required images. The 2 required images must be related to cause and/or inheritance pattern

4. Impacts of the disorder: explain the symptoms and effects the disorder causes

5. Diagnosis and prognosis: describe how individuals are diagnosed with the disorder and what is a typical prognosis

6. Treatment: explain treatments that are available, if any. Are there technologies on the horizon that could treat this disease?

7. Cite your work: at least three sources must be cited. You must visually display at least three sources. Provide the exact website URL where you found the information (do not need MLA or APA format).


o References from government websites, academic institutions, or organizations that are recognized authorities on the subject are recommended

o Do not use websites, such as Wikipedia, WebMD, Healthline, forums, personal blogs, or popular magazines (i.e., Women’s Health, etc.)

o Recommended reference websites:

Step 3: present your findings

You will be creating an informational project of whatever format you choose to communicate your research. This could be a video, a digital pamphlet, a PowerPoint, a blog post – whatever! Get creative – if you were looking for summative information on this disease, what form would you like it to take? Note: You do not have to actually verbally present the material.

Some examples: PowerPoint slides, YouTube video, infographic, informative website, comic strip.

If you choose to make a Google Slides presentation, be sure to share the slides by providing access to anyone with the link and then provide the Google Slides URL link as your assignment submission.


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