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Smokeless tobacco products, or “vapes”, have been promoted by several companies as a healthier alternative to smoking. These companies have also been accused to marketing these products to minors and young adults, two populations that may be at high risk of developing long-term cardiopulmonary complications as a result of the heavy use of these products.

A recent review article in the Journal of Physiology describes some of the major effects of these products on cardiovascular and respiratory health, based on several years of recent research by anatomists and physiologists. This paper can be accessed at to an external site..

(the above paper is open access)

What are the major effects of these products on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems? Which of these effects can be attributed to the chemicals that are being ingested (i.e., nicotine, cannabinoids, etc.), and which are due to the delivery method (the vaporizer)? Among these many demonstrated effects, what are the most likely compensatory mechanisms that would be triggered in these systems? Do any of the studies mentioned support the manufacturers’ claims that the products are safe? Why or why not?

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