Biology homework help

Normally the ABO blood groups are the only ones that people know about.  This paper gives you the opportunity to understand a little more about a specific blood type that is not part of the ABO and Rh blood types.  Select any one additional blood type and describe the antigen(s) associated with it as well as other relevant information you find regarding this blood type (frequency in the population, transfusion risk, dominant/recessive characteristic etc.).  I am not giving a lot of specifics here because what is known about these blood types varies so particular information may be available for some blood types but not others.  The paper should be about 2 pages long so include what you find interesting about the blood type if there is a lot of information for the type you select.

Use the same format for this paper as you used for the other papers.

APA format for references

1 inch margins, double spaced, 11-12 font size

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