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Drugs and Behavior 

Assignment- Major & Minor Stimulants

Assignment Content

This week we reviewed the following topics: major stimulants, minor stimulants, and global stimulant abuse. For this assignment, students are to read each question and provided a detailed response.

Each response is to be at minimum of 150 words in length. Students can use outside scholarly articles to support their responses. Should you use outside sources, do ensure to include your references which are to be written in APA format.

Bottom of Form

1) Identify several partial opiate agonist drugs. Explain the general function and value of this drug class.

2) What are the major physiological and psychological effects of opiate drugs?

3) Discuss the experiences of heroin use by soldiers both serving in and after the Vietnam War and the implications for understanding dependence.

4) Discuss the history of opiate drug use from its introduction to Western society up until the passage of the Harrison Narcotic Act.

5) Discuss the recent epidemic in prescription opiate abuse. What are the reasons for this increase? What steps can be taken to address this problem?

Chapter 10

Course Materials:Required Text or E-Book: Drug Use and AbuseISBN-13:978-0-357-37595-2Authors : Stephen Maisto • Mark Galizio • Gerard Connor

Read the below article to learn more about Rx Stimulants Drug Facts

External Website: Prescription Stimulants DrugFacts

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