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Prompt: Review the Case Study 7.2 related to Mega Bytes Restaurant (Bordoloi, pp. 205-209). Mega Bytes is a restaurant that caters to business travelers and has a selfservice breakfast buffet. To measure customer satisfaction, the manager constructs a survey and distributes it to diners during a three-month period. Review the Case Study and answer the following questions in Case Study format
1. How is SSM different from Deming’s PDCA cycle?
2. Prepare a cause-and-effect or fishbone diagram for a problem such as: “Why do customers have long waits for coffee.” Your fishbone diagram should be similar to that in Figure 7.17, using the main sources of cause: policy,
procedure, people, and physical environment.
3. How would you resolve the difficulties that study teams have experienced when applying SSM?
o Requirements: In this assignment, you will create 2-4 pages of content (required Cover Page, Executive Summary, and APA References Section not included in this page count), which includes your response to the Case Study.

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