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submit an MS Word document detailing how they can leverage the information, covered in chapters 4 and 5, in their own professional healthcare career.

  • The submission must be at minimum a count of 300 words, but it can be longer.
  •  should talk about a project they have been they have been the leader of. This can be in a work setting, church, home (i.e. painting), or academia.
  • Next described what are at least two concepts (one from the “Strategy and Balanced Scorecard” chapter and the other from the “Project Management” chapter they could have used to make the project they were over better.
  • Finally, close with discussing the projects you want to head up in your ideal/dream healthcare job.
  • Given this is a journal, APA format is not required, but appropriate grammar and spelling must be used. In addition, credit should be given when information is borrowed from external sources.
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