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Use your completed Stages of Effective Message Creation Form AND the Tips for Writing to Your Stakeholder document to write your first draft of your stakeholder communication.


  • You have no more information than what you already know about what has transpired (based on the scenario presented to you in Part 1 of this exercise).
  • You need to communicate with your stakeholder as soon as possible because if QuantaCare waits to communicate, the likelihood of rumors and false information being disseminated over social media and in the news increases.
  • You want to exude credibility. You want your audience to trust that you are working earnestly to understand more about the cause and scope of this situation.
  • You can’t make any promises that this will never happen again. You can’t use the word “guarantee” because your corporate attorneys will not let you open the company up to any future lawsuits. Your corporate attorneys will also not let you reach out to the patient or his family at this time due to potential lawsuits.
  • Consider what you do know at this time.
  • Consider what your audience needs to know at this time. What are their unique concerns? Do they need to know all the details or just some?
  • Consider how you intend to update your audience when more information becomes available.
  • Refer to the tips document associated with your stakeholder for help with writing your draft. To help you with your first draft, refer to the tips document associated with stakeholder to whom you are writing:
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  • attachment

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