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This week we will also start our 2nd project (Project two under the “Project” tab), making a managerial report about Gulf Real Estate Properties. Gulf Real Estate Properties, Inc., is a real estate firm located in southwest Florida. The company monitors condominium sales by collecting data on location, list price, sale price, and number of days it takes to sell each unit. The sample data provided recent sales for 40 Gulf View condominiums and 18 No Gulf View condominiums. We will discuss any specific statistical results that would help a real estate agent understand the condominium market.

Your paper should be thorough and concise!  It should be at least 2-3 pages in length.  You may only include some statistical result tables, no charts necessary in this report. Please remember to put your written report title and your name on your cover page and page numbers on each page of your paper. .Please attach your Excel workbook along with your paper. ( Both the paper report and Excel File should be submitted)

Please find the attached File:

1)GULFprop-Use this file for DATA

2)Project  two sample work book-Use this file for the format, All the RED font are my notes and Yellow highlight are the cells with the formula.

3)Project 2 Instructions-Please follow the same instructions

4)Statistical Paper report: Samples how to write Statistical Report

5)Video shared by Professor how to write this assignment-Please use this video its very important

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