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Research problem statement: Businesses face daily uncertainty in the sphere of global economic influence, volatile money markets, changing polical environments and the impact of how legacy technology will affect their business.  All these can lead to keep businesses from investing in their own progress and focus on the worng priorities.  Discuss how the levels of uncertainty impact the company culture and what quadrant of uncertainty has the most adverse effects.  Additionally, as we discussed in Chapter 5, managing ethical behavior will change on factors such as: setting, degree of severity, values and beliefs systems, etc.  What, if anything, would do to compensate for the high degrees of uncertainty and a poor company culture?
The paper format must be as follows (points will be taken off if not followed):

  1. Font = Caibri or Times New Roman
  2. Size = 12 point
  3. Header/Cover page = Header will be your name and course only and will not count towards length of paper
  4. Margins = 1 inch
  5. Length = 2-3 full pages
  6. Spacing = Double
  7. References = recommend at least 3 (reference page, not to be included in length of paper)
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