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 This assignment asks you to consider and explore your personal beliefs. As our author suggests, “you are ultimately responsible for how you act” (pg. 37). Your analysis in this paper will consist of your personal thoughts on how your everyday actions are predicated. Consider The 5 Components of Ethical Development as you write your paper. In this assignment, you will:  Write a two (2) page reflective paper (double spaced) in which you discuss: o Your personal theory of human nature and the 5 components of ethical development o Include examples and ideas you have learned through your own life experiences applying the course readings o Address how these may influence your personal decision-making. Follow APA required formatting guidelines Below are prompts you may consider when developing your paper: Personal Theory of Human Nature and keys to Ethical Development – Assignment and Rubric_JJ_summer 2019 1. What motivates my ethical decisions? 2. What do I think about the ethical decision making motives of others? 3. Are people basically good or bad? 4. What might human behavior be like if there were no rules? How would decisions be made?

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