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Write a rough draft of your presentation outline, responding to the prompt below. Upload it to this Canvas drop box by due date listed on Canvas. 


You have identified a problem, need, or opportunity at:

– Your current or former job

– A student organization you’re involved with

Decision makers in this organization have agreed to hear your presentation on how to solve this problem, meet this need, or capture this opportunity. They have given you 4-6 minutes to present your recommendation(s).

Assume you are presenting to these decision makers. You must use your presentation to persuade these decision makers to support and implement your recommendation.


Submit a Word of PDF document, containing an thorough, detailed outline of your presentation to key decision makers. This outline should build upon / parallel the Sample Structure Outline (attached).


Does the outline:


  • Frame the presentation with a compelling title and/or hook?
  • Clearly identify the audience’s problem / need?
  • Propose a realistic solution to the audience’s problem / need?
  • Clearly preview the presentation’s main supporting points?


  • Begin / end sections with strong summary of the presentation’s main supporting points?
  • Support the presentation’s mains points with 2+ pieces of effective evidence?
  • Effectively mitigate reservations (optional)?
  • Include fluid transitions between points?


  • Concisely reiterate the presenter’s solution to audience’s problem / need?
  • Concisely summarize the presentation’s main supporting points?
  • Provide a compelling call to action?
  • End memorably?
  • attachment

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