Business & Finance homework help

1. Describe the sources of ideas for research in the field of logistics. (1pts)

2. Why is it important to know the background to start an investigation? (1pts)

3. What criteria should be present in the generation of ideas for research? (1pts)

4.  State and explain the research problem around your logistics research idea, in your own words. (1pts)

5. Write the main question of your possible research proposal (1pts)

6. Write the proposed topic sentence (1pts)

7. Write at least three objectives for your research proposal (1pts)

8. Present and list at least three research questions that could be included in your research proposal (1pts)

9. Illustrate the research rationale for your research proposal (1pts)

10. Present at least 5 references used in this section following the APA 7.0 format, they must be from 2020 onwards (1pts)

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