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Create  a  PowerPoint  presentation  (15  slides)
that summarizes or provides an overview of the information in your assigned case study. Focus
on making the presentation interesting to your audience—do not get too detailed.
The content of the presentation must include the following points:
 A summary of the case study –what happened?
 Who’s involved?
 Give  a  brief  overview  of  the  company  –  Who  are  they?    What  are  the  main  products?
Prepare a five year analysis of either their total revenue, net income or earnings per share
based  on  the  information  filed  with  the  SEC.  (This  information  must  be  in  the  form  of
graphs and charts)
 What does the company’s current and future business prospects look like?
Important Procedures and Expectations for All Students:
1. Create an agenda slide that follows your first slide—the title slide.
2. At  the  beginning  of  the  presentation  you  must  provide  the  audience  with  a  brief  formal
introduction of yourself and any helpful information concerning your personal background.
3. All slides should be numbered
4. Your presentation should be a min of 5 minutes and a max of 10 minutes in length and you
should be ready to respond to two questions from your audience.
PROJECT COMPETENCIES: Critical Thinking, Oral Communication, Technological
Expertise, and Positive Work Ethic.
Critical  Thinking:    Each  student  will  determine  through  critical  thought  the  appropriate  mix  of
techniques to use in preparing a visually creative and appealing presentation.
Oral  Communication:    Each  student  will  orally  present  his/her  work.    Plan  a  minimum  of  five
minutes for each presentation
Technical  Expertise:    The  presentation  will  demonstrate  the  level  of  technological  expertise
achieved in using PowerPoint software
Positive  Work  Ethic:    Student  displays  ability  to  work  in  groups,  displays  a  positive  attitude
towards others.
Information Literacy:  Student will use knowledge of research techniques to support information
needs for the presentation.
References:: Minimum of three (3) references

Each  presentation  has  to  contain  12  slides  not  including  the  Title  Slide  and  the  Agenda  slide.
with the following layouts and enhancements.  Except for the title slid and agenda, these slides
need not be in any particular order:
1 Title slide (first slide)
2 Agenda (second slide)
3 Bulleted List
4 Object (Bar Chart/Graph)
5 Object over text (or text over object)
6 Organizational Chart/Diagram
7 Table (enhanced)
8 Text and Clip Art (Graphic)
9 Two Column Text
10 Two Objects and Text
11 Add Photo as Slide Background
12 Source Text Boxes  – 3D effect
13 Pie Chart (Exploding with Leader Lines)
Each presentation has to incorporate the following techniques:
 Apply Design template (or Custom Background)
 Insert page numbers on all slides ( except the Title Slide)
 Insert Page numbers on Handout Notes
 Insert  a  Hyperlink  to  a  document  of  your  choice  in  relation  to  the  topic  of  your  presentation  (do
not link to the Internet)
 Apply slide transition.
 Apply custom animation, animations schemes to text, objects and clipart, graphics.
 Dimming Effect to text on at least two slides
 Limited sound effects
 Citation of sources on  the slide (minimum three sources)
 Speaker Notes
 Seven  by  Seven  (7X7)  rule  must  apply.  (Each  slide  should  have  a  max  of  7  lines,  and  each  line
should have a max of 7 words.
Each presentation must have a hard copy of speaker notes which correspond to the delivery of
the  presentation.    On  the  speaker  notes  indicate  the  layout,  enhancement  and  technique  being
used and the number of the slide.

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