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In this assignment, you are to select one of the top marketing technology companies below and conduct a research report on the technology.  Pick just one of the following marketing technologies:

  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Zoho
  • Adobe Marketo
  • Sitecore

In your selected marketing technology company, conduct a POWERPOINT deck of 4-6 slides highlighting the following questions in the submission:

1) What is the company mainly known for as their strength in marketing technology?

2) What do critics, editorialists or the industry state are the benefits of this marketing technology?

3) What does this marketing technology company lack compared to others?

4) Leveraging the journal article this week, provide one correlation to the article this marketing technology does impact the digital marketing strategy framework?

5) What is an example of a brand you can find leverages this technology, and what was the benefit of its use in a campaign example or in general?

This PowerPoint can be in any format but must include an executive tone.  No speakers slides are necessary, it is optional.  

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