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1.  – Who are you? Describe your personality—your uniqueness as a human being. Use your Birkman or Myers-Briggs to help you articulate your understanding of yourself and how it shapes your leadership.

2.  – What do you believe? Describe your core beliefs by choosing one of Sires’ 9 categories of worldview – which one do you most identify with? Use Sire’s 8 basic worldview questions to describe your worldview. What are your core values as a person and as a leader? How does your worldview shape your view of leadership?

3. – How will you lead yourself and others? How will you live out what you believe

as a leader in your personal life and your vocational calling and work life? What is your plan to grow as a leader and/or to foster ongoing leadership competency (such as self-awareness, integrity, and adaptive leadership)?

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