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1. A recent decision I made in which I weighed the marginal cost and marginal benefit would be volunteering for this deployment I’m currently on. The reason why it was a marginal cost was a lot. I had to leave my dog behind, which was really emotional for me. I also had to say goodbye to friends and family who helped me grow all of last year. Another marginal cost was missing out on life events during this time. From seeing my niece grow from afar to my nephew being born and not being there for him, missing out was a major setback for me.

However, there are just as many marginal benefits to this. I’ve made an abundance of friends during this time. A few of them are going into fields that I also want to pursue, so we saw this as professional networking. Moreover, the long-term marginal benefits also come into play. The military is known for its benefits, and one is their educational benefits. I wouldn’t have to take out any more student loans to finish my degree or even pursue a graduate degree. The phrase “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is also appropriate. Being away from home for nearly a year has allowed me to appreciate my friends and loved ones more than I ever have.

2. Every decision we make in life provides us with some benefit, known as marginal benefit, as well as some cost, known as marginal cost. The marginal cost is the cost of each additional increment or unit; if the marginal cost is greater than the marginal benefit, we must choose which decision to make in order to avoid higher costs and negative consequences.

My most recent decision as a college student has been to leave my original home country of Palestine and pursue a bachelor’s degree in law in the United States, where I was born. Choosing to study at Montclair State University rather than any university in Palestine in the major that interests me, law, will provide me with a higher marginal benefit than the cost marginal.I will have a better chance of getting into a top law school, which will increase my chances of finding a better job in the future. I will also benefit from studying law in the US. more pay. living stability, earning a living, language skills, and interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, if I studied law in my own country, the benefits would still be marginally outstanding, but the overall cost would be higher because my chances of receiving a scholarship to a top law school would be lower. As a result, my future and overall benefits would also be lower.

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