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 Prompt: Re-watch the “Bridge People” video from the Week 1 online discussion.  Choose one of the practices presented in MFMR listed below and describe the relationship between this leadership practice and content of the “Bridge People” video.  What does your chosen leadership practice illuminate about the role of bridge people as discussed by Krista Tippett?

Bridge people video:

  • Chapter 5: Experience Interconnection
  • Chapter 6: Practice Courage
  • Chapter 7: Hold Opposing Values in Tension
  • Chapter 8: Avoid the Conformity Trap

ps. Only choose one Chapter



  • is 400-500 words
  • thoughtfully responds to the assigned prompt making specific references to the relevant course readings
  • uses direct quotations and paraphrases throughout the paper to support your reflection and analysis
  • uses APA citation style to cite quotations and paraphrases.
  • attachment

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