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This week’s assignment requires you to create a project charter as part of your Course Project. The Course Project can be any project that you choose to plan for this course. It does not have to be a “real” project that you are going to conduct, but can be anything relevant to your professional experience that meets the assignment criteria throughout the remainder of the course. Review the remaining course assignments to ensure you have selected a project of sufficient scope for the assignments.

Refer to the attached assignment documents for assignment details, optional templates, and the grading rubric.


Create a project charter:

  • Provide a written project description outlining what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Include the information recommended by the course required readings.
  • See the attached templates for additional details. You do not have to use these
    exact templates. Add or remove sections based on the nature of your project.
    Remember this is a high-level document to initiate your project. Specifics of project activities will be provided later.

• Submit a Word or Excel document.

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

Evaluation Rubric for Creating a Project Charter Assignment

Criteria Exemplary Proficient Needs Deficient Improvement

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25 points

20 – 24 points

15 – 19 points

0 – 14 points

Project Description

Description provides complete details of the project.

Description provide project details; missing some minor element(s).

Description provides some project details; missing key elements.

Description is missing or inadequate.

50 points

40 – 49 points

30 – 39 points

0 – 29 points

Project Information

Well written and clearly organized providing all recommended elements.

Well written and clearly organized providing most recommended elements.

Provides some of the recommended elements.

Information is missing or does not address recommended elements.

25 points

20 – 24 points

15 – 19 points

0 – 14 points

Clear and Professional Writing

Writing and format are clear, professional, and error free.

Few errors that do not impede professional presentation.

Significant errors that do not impede professional presentation.

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