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For this assignment, imagine you are one of the leaders working for an international or domestic business. You are analyzing the diversity dynamics of work teams and have been asked to present your findings to the other managers within the company. Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

  • Describe the business that you lead. Do you have a multicultural or an intercultural work team?
  • What are two problems?
  • What are the characteristics?
  • What are two opportunities?
  • How does your team address communication?
  • How does your team approach negotiations?
  • What value systems are integrated among your diverse team?

Your presentation must be 8-10 slides in length, not including the title and reference slides. Speaker notes are required for each slide. Support your presentation with a minimum of 2 graphics or images. Support your presentation with a minimum of 2 academic or scholarly references from the CSU Library.

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