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Create the following visuals using Excel for the survey Demographics (NOTE: Excel sheet is attached below):

  • Gender- Pie Chart
  • Age-Pie Chart
  • Department-Column Chart
  • Position- Bar Chart
  • Tenure- Bar Chart

Provide a one-sentence description of each visual. APA Style figures have these basic components:

  • number: The figure number (e.g., Figure 1) appears above the figure title and image in bold font. Number figures in the order in which they are mentioned in your paper.
  • title: The figure title appears one double-spaced line below the figure number. Give each figure a brief but descriptive title, and capitalize the figure title in italic title case.
  • image: The image portion of the figure is the graph, chart, photograph, drawing, or other illustration itself. If text appears in the image of the figure (e.g., axis labels), use a sans serif font between 8 and 14 points.
  • legend: A figure legend, or key, if present, should be positioned within the borders of the figure and explains any symbols used in the figure image. Capitalize words in the figure legend in title case.
  • note: Three types of notes (general, specific, and probability) can appear below the figure to describe contents of the figure that cannot be understood from the figure title, image, and/or legend alone (e.g., definitions of abbreviations, copyright attribution, explanations of asterisks use to indicate p values). Include figure notes only as needed.

Run “Descriptives” for each of the four Survey Measures:

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Intrinsic Job Satisfaction
  • Extrinsic Job Satisfaction
  • Organizational Commitment

Research the four survey measures and provide definitions (1-2 sentences each).

Select the best “descriptives” for each survey measure and analyze them. (2 minimum per measure, for a total of 8)

Explain why the measures were chosen. (Research support required)

No quotations are permitted in this paper. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite and reference the sources in APA format. NOTE: failure to use research with accompanying citations to support content will result in reduced scoring “Level 2-Developing” across the grading rubric. This is a professional paper; not a personal one based on feelings. It must be written in the third person; this means words like “I”, “we”, and “you” are not appropriate.

NOTE: Excel Spreadsheet. Grade will not be posted without Excel upload.

  • attachment

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