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Part I: Initial Post

Internal talent and growth are important imperatives for today’s leaders. You learned a little about mapping and supporting employee growth in this module. In this discussion, you’ll post your design for an employee leadership program and important considerations, such as succession planning and budgeting (refer to M5.3 and M.4).

  1. Employee Leadership Program
    1. Design an employee leadership program for employees who will be groomed to take on leadership programs in the organization. Be sure to include:
      1. Program Title
      2. Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes (refer back to M4.2)
      3. Description of the Program
      4. Timeframe
      5. Modules/Lessons
      6. Eligibility
      7. Assessment (what will employees have to do to ‘pass’ the program?)
  2. Succession Planning
    1. How will your program help to train the next leaders?
    2. What vacancies (imaginary) do you expect in the coming months, and how can this program be tied to those expected vacancies?
    3. Craft a succession planning policy for this organization, including the leadership program in some way. Attach the plan or paste it into your post.
  3. Budgeting
    1. What program and succession planning costs and considerations do you have to budget for?
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