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research paper about How to build customer value:


Research papers has a point value of 20 points

4 points – Paper has appropriate punctuation, free of

grammatical errors and tying errors, Paper has proper English

formatting (i.e., paragraph structure, floe, etc.)

2 points-

-Paper must include a relevant research topic that

is engaging and focused

2 points–Paper should include title page, introduction,

and conclusion

4 points- Research paper should have page numbers,

one-inch margins, double-spaced throughout entire research

paper. Research paper should be between 5 to 7 pages excluding

title page, table of content and references

3 points-

Content should be accurate, informative, and


3 points-Paper is written in accordance with APA 6th

or 7th edition guidelines, properly cited and free of plagiarism.

2 points— Reference section should correlate with in-text

citation reference.

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