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 Data Source: Dollar General POS     Developer: Cliff Welborn          Instruction Steps  Skills Needed        1. In column K of POS identify the store State for each transaction   (store locations are found in Store Location tab). You will have to do some work on this page   to get State by itself  Formulas   2. In POS , Create a Pivot Table (no chart) (starting in cell M13) detailing the KY Stores & the total Qty   of each item sold  Sort   3. Note only: At this point you   have a table detailing the qty of each item sold in KY over a 21 day period.  Vlookup   4. Note only: The Sales data you   have been given covers 21 days. We   will assume these stores are open 365 days per year.  Conditional Format   5. On Turns & Days populate the Sold Qty for each item  highlight & count   6. Using On Hand Inventory for Kentucky, determine the Inventory Turnover   Ratio and Days on Hand for each item.  Countif   7. Sort by Psku  Text to columns, V-lookup   8. Insert a column in B titles Description and populate it with the   product Descriptions.  Pivot Table & Filter   9. Conditionally format the Days column to items with      less than 7 days on hand   = yellow      between 7 and 42 days on   hand = green      more than 42 days on hand   = red      (Sample output from Turns & Days is below)     Copy & Paste Values of the entire   Turns & Days page onto itself to   remove all formulas and lookups

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