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1: An interesting topic from the article surrounds the importance of positioning strategies on quantitative firm performance measures (e.g., market share, ROI, etc.).  The authors refer to a positioning strategy as “a higher order construct consisting of multiple interconnected dimensions (subpositioning strategies/constructs) that are mutually inclusive and complement each other (p. 108).” It would be interesting to see you all discuss firm positioning/subpositioning strategies (via ads, company websites, etc.) for specific companies and discuss their choice of subpositioning strategies (as most firms use multiple positioning strategies).  Refer to the typology of positioning strategies (Appendix B).

2. I always ask classes to discuss products (which include both goods and services) in shades of gray.  This categorization is helpful because it makes us realize basic differences in purchase and consumption experiences we have on a daily basis. Since services are by nature riskier than goods due to intangibility, I think it would be cool to generate discussion surrounding strategy for service firms as far as intangibility is concerned:

a. when is it optimal to increase the tangibility of a service offering? (e.g., legal help, medical services, etc.).

b. Likewise, when is it a good idea for firms to strive to increase the intangibility of a good? (e.g., Toothpaste, beer, alarm system)?

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