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Research the organization that is the focus of your strategic challenge paper and conduct a VRIN
test following the format described below.

Identify the organization’s key resources and capabilities. Conduct a VRIN test on each of the
resources and capabilities you identify.

Include a sub-head for each of the resources and capabilities you identify.
For each resource and capability, apply a bullet point for each VRIN element with a complete
sentence explaining your assessment.

Finally, include a sub-head titled “Distinctive Competence.” Do you think your chosen
organization has a distinctive competence? If they have a distinctive competence, explain what
makes that competence different from their competitors’ competencies. If they do not have a
distinctive competence, propose one they should consider and why they should consider that

12 pt. New Times Roman
Normal margins
Writing and grammar will affect grades (consider using Grammarly).
Unless specified in the question, do not use bullet points.
List your references.

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