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Multinational enterprises (MNEs) can adopt one of the following four
international competitive strategies: global strategy, multi-domestic strategy, home
replication strategy, and transnational strategy. The adoption of the best
international competitive strategy is dependent on two types of pressures, namely
pressures for local responsiveness, and pressures for global integration (also called
pressures for cost reduction).

Question: Based on the types of pressures, and the related international
competitive strategies, when is it more appropriate to centralize decision-making?
(HINT: Read Study Guides for Chapter 12 and Chapter 16)

Р please include  two or more recent articles (no older than 2020) from business periodicals such as Business Week, Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times,
or any other relevant popular press (no textbook or academic journal). At the end
of your answer, provide complete references of the articles you cited (use any
acceptable style if it is complete).

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