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For your activity, you’ll be gathering data to get a sense of the various macro environment elements and then conduct a SWOT Analysis

First, you’ll want to choose a multi-national company and a product category that is marketed in multiple countries to assess.  Then decide on a primary objective to analyze that will help you focus on the type of analysis/decision.  The primary objective is the marketing-focused decision you will be making.  Using search elements like Google, the library, statistical reports, etc. determine what you need to know about the following environmental elements.

Review the article for more details.

Article on Communication and Culture  for additional resources

Next, you are ready to begin the SWOT analysis.  Please refer to Hubspot’s  article on conducting a SWOT as your reference.  You may link to the following chart for your analysis inside  Click on the chart to go to Canva.


What to Submit


To submit, you will need to add the following:

1. Name

2. Intro to product, the company you are reviewing

3. Create and discuss a Primary objective of this analysis (

4. A discussion of each of the Macroenvironment observations from Exhibit 5.3 above (short paragraph for each)

5. A completed SWOT analysis (3-5 points on each of the four categories)

6. Reflections – answer the following questions:

  • How beneficial is this information – in relation to marketing decision-making
  • Any surprises from the information you gathered?
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