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For this assignment, you will be designing a digital campaign with an international focus.  You should consider the communication and cultural aspects we have covered in the course.  Preferably, choose a small company as opposed to an already multi-national one.

To transform our business into a more cohesive setting, it’s good to back to the beginning and ask three essential questions:

  Who We Are? 

Where We Are Going?

How Will We Get There?

The Template

Cover Page 

  • Title – be fun and unique
  • Your name(s)
  • Related Images (logo, brand, etc.)


Section 1 – Who Are We?

Company Intro

Introducing the company and its purpose helps you determine the right direction to go.

  • What is the company you’ll be highlighting (Name/URL/Industry)?
  • What is the product line-up?
  • How do others describe the brand?


Situational Analysis

As you begin to understand more about your company’s identity and purpose, you will want to begin comparing it with your competitive landscape to understand what opportunities are available/needed.

  • What’s happening in the industry?
  • What’s happening in the macro/micro environments?
  • What are Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT)?
  • Who is the target audience and what communication channels do they use?
  • What is the main goal/outcome of this campaign? (based upon situational analysis)

Marketing Mix

  • What is the desired ROI?
  • What is your breakeven point?
  • How will we promote it – what channels?


Section 3 – How Will We Get There?


This section is designed to set up the tactics for accomplishing and evaluating your desired goals and KPIs.


Based on the previous steps, you can begin to determine a specific objective and key performance indicator (% increase/decrease) for your goal.

  • What two objectives will you need to accomplish?  These can be tactical or strategic.
  • What key performance indicators (KPI) will you need for benchmarking your success of each objective?
  • What measurable outcomes do you need?


  • What are the progress outcomes throughout the time period for your KPIs?


Describe or list any anticipated marketing budget items involved in completing the desired outcomes and determine a projected ROI based on the goal.

  1. Discuss the following as applicable: LTV, ROI, Ad Spend


  1. Based on your goal, what metrics do you anticipate needing to monitor?  (leads, likes/shares, Loyalty, etc)
  2. How will you track?  Excel, Google Analytics, Ads, Pixel, Tableau, etc
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