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You will continue to research and write a section for the Strategic Audit Report this week by creating three different components under Section II of the Strategic Audit Report (Strategic Posture and Corporate Governance Section).

Researching these areas will help you gain a better understanding of your strategic audit company’s current financial position, what they do and their future direction, and the makeup of their leadership team. Having a firm understanding of where your company is currently will enable you to identify issues that need to be corrected and improved upon for the future.

The company that your strategic audit report will focus on is FedEx. Review the attachment section for more background information on FedEx.

Provided are the guidelines/questions to complete each part:

  1. How has the company performed over the past year in terms of investment, market share,      and profitability?
  2. What are the company’s mission and vision statements? Please ensure the statements are from a valid source, such as the organization’s website. If the company does not have a listed mission or vision statement, then write one for them. Explain what makes a good mission and vision statement and what makes bad ones. Use a reference (correctly cited) to support your explanation/perspective. Then explain if your company’s mission and vision statement (or the one you have written for them) is a good one or a bad one and why.

Review the link for the following video explaining how to write a mission and vision statement. (

3.   List the company’s board of directors by name, if they are internal or external board members,          what year they were elected to the board, what they do on the board for your company, and what their level of management is.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of your assignment should be one page in length each.

· All pages should be double-spaced, with sources cited and referenced using current APA formatting.

· You should have a total of three (3) pages upon completion of all parts. Compile all pages of your document to submit to this assignment.

  • attachment

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