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Create a Business process model in iGrafx for the AS-IS current state CVS pharmacy fulfillment process based on the information in the CVS case study. You will be documenting what is described in the case; you will not be doing any process improvement to address problems (for this assignment).
Submit the completed model via Canvas. You will also be using the “basic” iGrafx modeling notation as you’ve done so far, not BPMN or another advanced modeling notation.
Your submission will be graded on:
1) Proper structure and identification of swimlanes per classroom discussion, Module Notes guidelines, etc.
2) Completeness! You are expected to model everything in the case that is specified by “(a resource) (does something)” or the equivalent. You are advised to make use of subprocesses because your model will get very busy if you keep all activities at the same top level.
3) Correctness – if a particular resource is specified in the case as performing some action, then your model should reflect that…not a different resource.
Please name your file as “FIRST NAME-LAST NAME-CVS-As-Is.” Please submit the iGrafx file (XX-XX-CVS-As-Is.igx) of your model.
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