chronic disease

Write an illness narrative on your personal experiences with a chronic disease. My chronic disease is chronic Asthma. 

I struggle with my asthma every day, I take medicine for it daily, and when the weather changes I have a hard time adjusting. I also have a hard time when it comes to doing physical activities considering I am also plus-size. 

  • Provide a brief overview of your illness 
  • Discuss how you perceive your illness — do you view it as an alien entity that must be eliminated, or has it become embedded in your identity? How does society perceive your illness?
  • In analyzing your illness experience you must use at least 1 applicable sociological term/theory discussed in the textbook, lectures, and other reading assignments. You must also define this term/theory.
  • In what ways has your illness positively and negatively impacted your personal life as well as your family? 

The sociological term/ theory I picked was symbolic interactionist theory. 

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