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  1. After reviewing/reading Chapters 11 & 12 of the textbook, access UC’s online Library and conduct research within the “Business Source Premier (EBSCO Host)” search engine and locate a Project Management Journal article among the thousands of journal articles made available within the many years of publications the Library holds.  The Project Management Journal article should tie directly into at least one highlight from the assigned chapters (Chapters 11 &12) reading/review material for the week.  This weekly research paper should include at least 2 pages, but not more than 3 pages, in the narrative and it should be typed in APA formatting (title page, reference page, no abstract page, double-spacing, Times New Roman 12 font, 1 inch margins, in-text citations, etc…).
    Your paper should contain the following headings:

    •      Introduction
    •      Summary of the article
    •      Relevant points made by the author
    •      Critique of the article
    •      Application of the concepts in the article


Title: Project Management: The Managerial Process ISBN: 9781260238860 Authors: Clifford F. Gray, Erik W. Larson Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Publication Date: 2020-01-09

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