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Network Security

Project 2 – Tools for 20 Critical Controls

Successful deployment of the 20 Critical Controls will require a sophisticated suite of automated tools to support timely operations. This project is designed for you to survey the available tools and evaluate the tools ability to perform.

Survey of Tools

For each control Identify the features and requirement for automated tool

Find a commercial product that supports this requirement

Describe the operation of the tool

Demonstrate the operation of the tool if possible

Download and experiment with the tool if possible

B Integration of tools

1.Identify where in your network architecture these tool would be configured

Identify an operational schedule for use of this tool and management of results, alarms, etc

What set of tools can be bundled together? Identify such tool sets

Report your work

Summary of your work

Gaps in tools needed to support the 20 Critical Control

Overall analysis and conclusions

Grading (Team Project)

Demonstrates Understanding of the 20 Critical Controls 50%

Sound Approach to the Project 20%

Sound Results 20%

Quality of the analysis and presentation 10%

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