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  1. Read content resources. Above you developed a Code of Virtuous Leadership, but this is really the first step to virtuous decision-making. Sometimes the ethical situations confronting the leader are clearly black and white and application of the Code is easy to accomplish. However, sometimes the ethical pitfalls are much more convoluted and obscured. In these situations, it is appropriate for the leader to employ a systematic analysis approach. Click on the link below to Paine’s Moral Compass which is such an approach. Paine Manager’s Compass for decision-making | Profolus  Review the decision-making lens and your Code of Virtuous Leadership and respond to the Key Questions below
  2. Write an initial response to the following key question(s) or prompt(s):
    1. In which of Dr. Paine’s lenses are elements of your Code most likely to be beneficial and why?
    2. Should your Code of Virtuous Leadership and a decision-making protocol such as Paine’s be included in you PBL team’s report to your company’s Board of Directors and why?
    3. What might be points of resistance by your company’s leadership in application of your Code and/or a protocol for ethical decision-making?
  3. Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

4. The purpose of ethics is to ensure that people are treated right and fairly, and that business decisions are in the interest of employees and customers alike. Ethics is about acting with fairness, integrity and respect for the rights of others. It is about valuing people and treating them in the right way at all times, so that they trust you and want to do business with you. People don’t feel cheated or dissatisfied when a leader acts in an ethical manner and gives his or her employees the opportunities that they deserve and want. When leader behave ethically, they’ll naturally be a great leader (Alshehri & Elsaied, 2022).

500 words with 4 references

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