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Simulation Experiental Exercise – SEE-3

To prepare a project audit report. {Using the Simulation Project Team}

Use the project team in the simulation to complete this exercise. Using the guidelines in the attached document, prepare a project audit report. Be sure to include project classification, analysis of information gathered, recommendations, and lessons learned. You may also include an appendix of appropriate documentation.

Final project report discussing all phases of the project.

NOTE:  The “Project Audit Report” should be submitted as a MS Word document in APA 7 Format

This section of the simulation provides the current standings of all of the Player Teams. The standings are listed from first to last place. Scoring is presented, not on an absolute value basis, but on a percentile basis. After the simulation calculates the score of each Team, the Team in first place is assigned a score of 100%. The Team in last place is assigned a score of 0%. Scores for all other Teams are prorated.

Scoring is displayed for the four categories of Time, Cost, Functionality, and Stakeholder Satisfaction. Additionally, the Overall standing for each Team is displayed.

The weighted percentage for each scoring category (Time, Cost, Functionality, and Stakeholder Satisfaction), as defined by the Instructor when the scenario was created, is also displayed. Players may access this screen at any Time after they have registered and have been assigned to a Team. During Configuration and Pre-Play, all Teams are displayed with scores of 100%. Once Period Play begins and the Instructor has processed for the first period, percentile rankings are displayed. All Player Teams are able to view this summary of scoring. However, Teams are only able to access the details of their own Team scoring. (SEE ATTACHED PDF) (MY TEAM IS T4- TEAM/ GROUP 4)

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