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Diagramming your home network can be beneficial in various ways. It  can help you determine what equipment to include and is present on your  network. Diagramming your network can help determine the best layout for  your equipment- for example, the best placement of your wireless  router. It can be helpful to keep track of equipment and who is the  primary user of the equipment–labeling who the devices belong to on a  home network diagram can be very helpful for inventory and tracking  purposes. Diagramming a home network can help you plan for potential  changes you make to your network.

Home networks vary. Some rely  heavily on Wi-Fi, and others primarily use hard-wired connections and  little to no Wi-Fi. Some home networks use a cable modem to connect to  the ISP (Internet service provider), while others may use a DSL modem.  Fiber optics is becoming popular for a home network connection to the  ISP. Whatever the case, the type of connection to your ISP will often  determine things like the type of modem, router, and network cabling  your home network will need. These characteristics, networking  equipment, and items such as PCs, laptops, and IoT devices should all be  documented on a network diagram.

You will use the information at this link to complete the discussion for this week. Make Use of: Home Network Setup Diagram


Answer the following:

  • Which of the six network diagram  examples most closely represent your home network? What would you need  to add/remove with this diagram to represent your home network?
  • What  kind of labeling scheme would you use for your home network for each  device? Provide an example of your naming scheme and discuss why you  chose your naming scheme.
  • Choose and discuss the pros and cons  listed for one of the example network setups. Do you agree with the pros  and cons listed?  Why or why not? What other pros and cons would you  add and why?
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