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  • Review  contributions to threats and  vulnerabilities on a home network and determine if they have gaps in  their understanding.
  • Provide feedback on a classmate’s home  network security measures they are not currently using. Do you have any  other suggestions or recommendations for them?

What threats do you need to be concerned about on your home network?

There  are a lot of threats for a home network. One major threat for home  networks is computer viruses. These are very common issues that a lot of  people deal with. viruses are very easy to get one wrong click and you  have one. viruses are very dangerous for everyone. viruses can expose  information on the devices they are on and send it to scammers. They  could also slow the device down.

What are the vulnerabilities of each of your devices on your home network?

Firewalls  are the first line of defense for the devices. If there are issues with  the firewalls the devices will be a lot easier to hack and change these  firewalls can be a point of vulnerability if they have issues. Using a  open WIFI network is also a point of vulnerability for devices. Other  people on these open network can get into the devices onto the network.

What techniques can you use to protect your devices on your home  network? (Make sure to discuss how you will protect your network traffic  on your wireless network.)

Make sure you use a firewall on the  router. You should also limit access to the network. If you let just  anybody on the network it raises the risk of getting hacked so you  should only give access to those you trust.

Discuss some home network security measures you are not currently using but may consider using
There  is one major security measure that I do not do yet but will definitely  start soon. I will start using a VPN. VPN’s encrypt your network making  it difficult to pin down the device and track.

How to Secure Your Home WIFI Network, Federal Trade Commission, May 2022,

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