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Deadline: 19th nov 2022

You are trying to get a job in a well-known database management company. During a job interview, a manager suggests you should be able to write a useless database access program named DB2 (Dummy Bytes Too). The program should keep a table with 3 entries showing keywords to access Information in a file (table shown below). The only accepted input will be the keyword used to search a file for some information. The table will provide the byte location of the requested information, which will be some string with20 characters. Your program will access and display the 20 characters, starting at the position specified in the table.. Your mission is to write the DB2 program (it should be very short, less than 50 lines for sure) that reads the input, opens the file, skips to the desired location and displays the information. You must use the CYGWIN system or any UNIX/LINUX like system. WINDOWS solutions are not accepted since this is a test of your UNIX knowledge.

Program Table

Keyword       Byte position

Intro                      20

Pass                      40

Fail                        60

Next                      80

File contents (file available on your portal)

01234567890123456789About grades in this You got an A, worked You get an F, failed Look for nursing ads


Input: pass

Output: You got an A, worked

Small variations are accepted in case the byte positions are wrong by 1 or 2

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