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Encouraging physical fitness in very young children should be a priority for educators because of the health and cognitive benefits associated with it. To do this, teachers need to know how to promote healthy physical development in ways that are appropriate for each child’s age and ability-level. In addition, it is critical for teachers to track progress using checklists, charts, graphs, and other technological forms of data collection.

Using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” create a fitness activity lesson that is developmentally appropriate for a young child (birth to age 3). Choose an age range, birth-8 months, 9-12 months, 13-24 months, or 25-36 months. The time limit for this activity should be based on the age of the child.

In your lesson:

  1. Specify the early learning standards for the specified age range.
  2. Identify the gross motor milestones a child should possess and which milestones the activity will be working toward.
  3. Provide an example of a child who may require adaptive equipment and a technological device.
  4. Include ways to enhance the lesson with music or technology.
  5. Identify how each child’s progress toward meeting the lesson objectives will be monitored.
  6. Identify how technology can be used to observe, document, and collect data on student progress.
    In a 250-500 word reflection, discuss how your lesson addresses young children’s physical and emotional health, including strengths, interests, and needs. Add your reflection to the lesson plan document.
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