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Creating an early childhood program that reflects diversity and equity  is an evolving process that takes time. As you embark on this journey,  wherever you begin, it is important to remember that there will always  be new paths to explore and insights to gain. By building and improving  your practices, strengthening your courage and determination, and  embodying the underlying belief that every person in this world is  worthy of respect and understanding, you will make a positive difference  in the wellbeing of young children and their families.

Keep in mind:

  • Think about the media segment featuring Julie Olsen Edwards. As you  think about the words of encouragement and messages of hope that she  offers, what resonates the most with you? Why?-see the attached transcript of the video.
  • See the attachment of my  two professional goals you established. Reflect on these goals in light of what you have learned  during this course and so far in this specialization, also bearing in  mind your professional and personal growth during this time.

Consider the following:

  • A description of an idea or message from this week’s media segment  that evokes special meaning for you. Include an explanation of its  significance.
  • A summary of your modified professional goals related to anti-bias  work.Now,  consider how you might revise, refine, modify, and/or extend these goals  to further target your future growth and development and that of the  children and families with whom you work or will work. Provide a rationale for the changes or adjustments you have made  to the originals goals. As appropriate, include references to ideas or  insights gained .
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