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For this assignment you will be creating a lesson plan about the Solar System using one of the primary educational philosophies as outlined in by Parkay (2019) in your textbook.

You will be assigned an educational philosophy based on the first initial of your last name. While you will only be creating a lesson plan using your assigned philosophy, you will be responsible for reading about and understanding all of the philosophies outlined in the text.

The focus of you lesson plan will be the Solar System. You may design your lesson plan for any grade level, but the core lesson must be about the Solar System and must be taught according to your assigned philosophy. The lesson plan must also address at least one Standard. You can locate the standards at

It is very important that you adhere to the foundations of your assigned philosophy when constructing the lesson plan.

  • For example, a Perennialist would not have students work in groups creating styrofoam Solar Systems. However, a Perennialist would likely introduce the writings and teachings of Galileo and Copernicus. Similarly, a Progressivist may have hands-on activities and an accompanying PowerPoint.

Upon reviewing your lesson plan, it should be clear which philosophy you were assigned.

The lesson plan template can be found here — Lesson Plan Format.

Please use the list below for your education philosophy assignment: Progressivism

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