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After a thorough review of the provided B-K or K-12 licensure-related information complete the assignment.

This assignment allows you to reflect on the varied pathways, requirements, purpose, and outcomes of B-K or K-12 teacher licensure in North Carolina.

This assignment fulfills:

Module Outcome 1: You will have identified the purpose and the requirements for teacher licensure in North Carolina.
Student Learning Outcome 1: You will have described the teacher licensure process in North Carolina.

Respond to the following journal entry topics:

Reflect on requirements for B-K or K-12 teacher licensure in North Carolina. In your journal entry, comment on the information presented in the reading materials and lecture narrative. Summarize what you read and how this information compares to your prior knowledge of the pathwaysrequirementspurpose, and outcomes of teacher licensure. Did you discover new information? Reflect on how this information influences your future goals and expectations for teacher licensure.

To fully reflect and make meaningful connections to the information, this journal entry should be at least one page in length or 300 words.

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