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After a careful review of the learning materials, you should have a better understanding of teacher licensure in North Carolina and employment options for licensed teachers. For this discussion assignment, you will make connections between this information and your future goals and plans.

This assignment fulfills:

  • Module Outcome 1: You will have identified the purpose and the requirements for B-K or K-12 teacher licensure in North Carolina.
  • Student Learning Outcome 1: You will have described the teacher licensure process in North Carolina.

Respond to the following prompt for this module.

What are your professional goals and expectations for teacher licensure?

Complete these specificĀ tasks as you respond:

  • In your first posting, outline at least three professional goals you have regarding achieving teacher licensure.
  • Continue in your first post by describing your expectations of teacher licensure.
  • Outline any concerns or questions you may still have regarding licensure.
  • Summarize your expected outcome of becoming a licensed teacher.
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