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In order to become a licensed teacher in the state of North Carolina, candidates must complete a state-approved teacher education program from a regionally accredited college or university. All universities have a secondary admissions requirement to enter into the Educator Preparation Program (EPP).

Using the list of 12 public universities under the transfer articulation agreement, conduct research on 3 of the 12 universities to compare secondary admission requirements for the teacher education program.

  1. Appalachian State University
  2. East Carolina University
  3. Elizabeth City State University
  4. Fayetteville State University
  5. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
  6. North Carolina Central University
  7. University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  8. University of North Carolina-Greensboro
  9. University of North Carolina-Pembroke
  10. University of North Carolina-Wilmington
  11. Western Carolina University
  12. Winston-Salem State University

Conduct your research using the attached research form.  Once the research is completed for 3 universities, identify two universities you are most interested in applying to upon graduation from your associate degree program and write a 2-paragraph (8-10 sentences) narrative to explain in detail why you chose those two universities.

Use module content and university websites to complete this assignment. You may want to contact the program directly. Secondary admission is admission to the Educator Preparation Program, not the general or transfers admission to the university. These are education program-specific.

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