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Great Speaker Reflection

As we examine principles of public speaking, this assignment asks you to critically analyze two good speeches.  Sometimes we watch people speak and feel they are good speakers in general.  However it is useful to specifically identify principles that make for a good speech or a good speaker.  We can then learn to replicate some of these principles in our own speaking.


First: Watch these two videos

Video #1: Most TED talks are examples of informative speaking in a formal context. Watch any TED talk that interests you and then answer the questions below.  If you need any idea of a TED talk to watch, here’s a link to one idea I have for you, however, you may choose your own instead:How to “Overcome” Fear talk by Trevor Regan(Links to an external site.)


Links to an external site.


Video #2: The type of informative speech you will present in this course will be much like the sample in the following link:Sample Informative Speech (Links to an external site.)


Links to an external site.


After watching the TED talk and sample informative speech, answer the following questions (you can answer these in the CANVAS text box or upload your answers in a Microsoft Word file)

In the TED talk (video #1) that you watched, how did the TED speaker attempt to capture the audience’s attention? Did it work? (1 point)

Discuss at least two specific things that you liked (or didn\’t like) about the TED speaker’s delivery (e.g., you could comment on their speaking rate, gestures, facial expression, ability to pause and add emphasis to words) (1 point)

In the sample informative speech (video #2), discuss two components that you liked (or did not like) about various components to the the speaker\’s introduction (1 point)

In the sample informative speech (video #2), make two points to describe what the speaker in the sample informative speech did well with regard to organization and transitions. (1 point)

Look ahead at our informative speech assignment. Read through the assignment requirements so you can begin to think about possible topics.  Then answer the last two questions below.

Why does the assignment ask that you consider choosing a topic that is narrow in focus and a topic that is not “overdone?” (1 point)

Grading Criteria

This assignment is worth 5 points total.  Point values are listed after each prompt.

Watch the 2 links below to answer this paper

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