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ELSE 6053 Case Study Rubric Fall II 2022.docx (19.459 KB)
After reading the case study in Module 3, using the given information and the federal definition of emotional disturbance, determine whether the classification of Carter as a child with and emotional or behavioral disorder is appropriate. Explain in detail your reasoning.
How might the diagnosis of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) complement or contradict Carter’s classification as a child with an emotional or behavioral disorder? Explain in detail.
Specifically, consider possible reasons the team and the teacher of the self-contained class might have come to somewhat different conclusions.  Explain in detail.
How might this school have more effectively used Response to Interventions (RTI) as a diagnostic tool? Be specific.
Please submit a one-page analysis in response to the questions above. This analysis must be grounded in the case study. Assume that your audience is already familiar with the case, eliminating the need for background information. No need for any header information…begin your answer on line one of your page. There should be strict adherence to the 1 PAGE MAXIMUM.
The analysis will be graded on the basis of (10 points per item) :
does the answer reflect familiarity with the case study-
does the answer reflect knowledge and/or application of the concepts outlined in the reading
Grammar/Technical components (including APA 7th edition guidelines)
Adherence to assignment guidelines (length and formatting as directed)

Learners with Mild Disabilities: A Characteristics Approach, Enhanced Pearson  5th Edition By Eileen B. Raymond Published by Pearson, p. 147 – 149. Copyright © 2017 ISBN-10: 0-13-382711-9; ISBN-13: 978-0-13-382711-8

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